Month: December 2020

maintain oral health this winter with these six tips

Winter Tips to Maintain Oral Hygiene

The temperatures are dropping and the climate is becoming drier every day, the holiday season is here and biting winds are destroying your skin. However, your skin is not the only thing that is at risk from the harshness of the changing weather.

The winter season can cause multiple dental problems in your mouth which we will discuss in detail in this article. We will talk about what the issues are and what you can do to maintain oral hygiene throughout the season.

Six Tips to Maintain Oral Hygiene in Winter

Dry Mouth

The dry weather can lead to lower levels of saliva production in your mouth and make your mouth feel dry. Hydrating regularly will help reduce the dryness and placing a humidifier can help increase the moisture levels in your home.

Chapped Lips

Dryness of the mouth and the cold weather can cause your lips to dry and crack very quickly. The sensitive skin on your lips cannot take the harshness of cold, dry winds. Applying petroleum jelly will help lock moisture in to soothe the symptoms. Using a lip balm that contains SPF will notably help when you are outdoors. It will help protect your lips from the harmful UV rays of the sun and promote healthy lips through the season.

Cold Sores

Small blisters that swell and burn can be caused by stress, fatigue and cold weather. You can minimize cold sores by keeping your lips moisturized and your hands clean to avoid spreading bacteria. Try to limit touching the mouth to avoid further irritation and spread.

Canker Sores

Most of us will eat more than usual around the holidays and canker sores can prove to be extremely irritating during this time. They peak on dry days and are aggravated further by acidic and spicy foods. Avoiding acidic and spicy foods will prevent canker sores altogether, but if you are already suffering then you should try to rinse your mouth with a mixture of a teaspoon of salt and half a glass of warm water. This will help clean the sores and promote faster healing.

Tooth Sensitivity

Breathing cold winter air can leave your teeth feeling sore and consuming hot or cold food and drinks will lead to tooth pain for those with sensitive teeth. Using toothpaste that is specially designed for sensitive teeth will greatly help relieve pain and promote oral hygiene.

Gum Infection

Cold weather weakens immune systems which can lead to inflammation and infection in your gums. Avoid touching your mouth and maintain good oral hygiene to prevent gum infection in your mouth.

Here are a few key things to maintain good oral hygiene throughout the winter season.
– Eat healthy and keep your mouth and body hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
Brush your teeth twice daily.
– Use specialized sensitivity toothpaste for sensitive teeth.
– Floss every night before bed.
– Visit your dentist for regular checkups and cleaning at least twice a year.

A healthy and clean mouth can help avoid dental issues and maintain oral hygiene. You and your family can avoid winter dental problems by practicing the simple tips and steps mentioned here. If you have any kind of aches or pains in your mouth and teeth, always contact your dentist to seek professional advice.