How Your Springtime Allergies May Be Impacting Your Oral Health

springtime allergies and oral health

Springtime is here and there are a multitude of allergies that come with it especially with our oral health.

Many people experience dryness, nasal congestion and sinus issues as the weather changes. While these problems may not seem like the source of any dental issues, this is far from the truth. Sinus problems and other allergic symptoms that come during springtime can cause dental issues.

Your allergies can be the source of any number of oral health problems like sore throats, toothaches and dryness of the mouth.

Let’s discuss how springtime allergies are indirectly affecting your oral health and some tips on how you can overcome or avoid them.


During spring and fall, allergies can peak and create problems that cause toothaches. If you have ever experienced pain or discomfort in your cheek area during these peak times, it is likely caused by your molars.

The mucus that builds up in your sinuses during springtime can bring added pressure around your molars and cause pain or discomfort around your cheeks. The way our sinuses are working is by draining upwards rather than downwards, making it difficult for your body to cope when they are affected.

Dry Mouth

Moving from winter to spring, many people forget to increase their water intake, and this can create problems. The lack of hydration and a stuffy nose that blocks your nasal cavity and airways can lead to some serious oral dryness.

Your stuffy nose will typically force you to breathe out of your mouth, making matters worse. Dry mouths with low levels of saliva are bad for your teeth. Saliva acts as a flush for cavity and decay-causing bacteria in your mouth. If you have a dry mouth, your saliva is not flushing these bacteria properly.

Pro Tip: Increase your water intake to account for the weather change and eat sugar-free gum or candy to promote saliva production in your mouth to help keep the bacteria out.

Throat Irritation

Congestion in your nasal cavity that causes you to breathe from your mouth is not only affecting your mouth but also your throat. The cool air in your available airways can experience drainage from nasal passages and cause irritation in your throat.

Bowie Family Dentist

Springtime allergens can create irritating problems that cause issues for your sinuses, mouth, throat and indirectly, your teeth and oral health. Luckily, these allergens are not long-lived and will pass in time for you to enjoy the beauty and feeling of springtime.

If you are going through springtime with the discomfort of the mentioned dental issues, do not hesitate to consult your dentist immediately. They can better diagnose your problem than anyone else and guide you through the proper steps.

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