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Signs You Need a Root Canal

Signs You Need a Root Canal

A root canal happens when a dentist cleans out a tooth’s decay from the root and pulp. Our teeth have a layer of enamel, which is followed by a layer of dentin underneath. At the core of the tooth lies a soft root that extends into our jawbone.

When decay enters the soft core of our tooth, the core can become infected, and that is when you’re going to need a root canal. That said, understanding when you may need one can be difficult since the more apparent symptoms can’t be felt until the problem has become advanced. A 2016 research found that these symptoms can differ depending on the type of bacteria affecting your tooth.

Let Dr. Adesanya of My Bowie Dentist help you with a few surefire ways of knowing when you need a root canal.

1.     Consistent Pain

Consistent pain is one of the most prominent signs you need a root canal. The pain in your tooth will bother you throughout the day. Even though it may go away for a few instances, it will always return. You’re going to feel the pain deep inside the bone of your tooth, but this may also mean some other things:

  • a cavity,
  • pain because of a sinus infection,
  • an infected tooth,
  • gum disease, or
  • a damaged filling

No matter the issue, it’s always a good idea to visit a dentist in Bowie, Maryland, like Dr. Adesanya of My Bowie Dentist.

2.     Dark Discoloration

A discolored tooth is often the result of poor hygiene because different foods and drinks stain our tooth’s enamel. In other cases, this can also happen because of nerve damage below the tooth’s surface. When blood vessel damage or nerve damage occurs, you’ll have to schedule an appointment with a dentist in Bowie, Maryland, for a root canal.

But it’s also important to remember that discoloration can happen due to other causes.

3.     A Swollen Gum Area

Swollen gums around the painful tooth can be a sign that you need a root canal. The swelling may not be consistent. It may be harder when you touch it or hurt when you run your tongue over it. This is often caused by the waste of dead pulp tissues, which cause swelling.  However, you can also have a pimple on your gum called a parulis or a gum boil. This can give you an unpleasant taste in your mouth and cause bad breath.

4.     A Cracked/Chipped Tooth

If you’ve cracked or chipped your tooth because of an accident or contact sport, you may also need a root canal. This is because the crack can be prone to bacteria, which may damage the nerves of your tooth.

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