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dental bridges

Types of Dental Bridges

What Is a Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges cover the gap created between two or more teeth. On each side of the gap, the bridge is supported by other real teeth. The space in between is filled by a false tooth called a pontic. It is made of gold, porcelain, alloy or a mix of these. If you are looking for a dentist in Bowie, MD for a dental bridge, read on.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

1- Maintain the shape of your face

2- Restore your smile

3- Ensure you can speak and chew without difficulty

4- Prevent force on specific teeth by distributing force equally

5- Prevent remaining teeth from repositioning

Types of Dental Bridges

There are four different kinds of dental bridges you can opt for:

1- Fixed bridge

2- Cantilever bridge

3- Maryland Bonded bridge

4- Implant-supported bridge

1- What Is a Fixed Bridge?

A fixed bridge, also known as a traditional bridge, is quite common and is generally made using ceramics or metal and porcelain.

A filler tooth is created that is supported by crowns located on top of healthy teeth on each gap’s side, so the bridge stays in place. This kind of bridge can only be used when there are healthy teeth on each side of the gap to support the bridge.

2- What Is a Cantilever Bridge?

If there are no teeth on one side of the gap to support the bridge, the cantilever bridge is recommended. A crown is fixed on the side with the healthy tooth, and that supports the bridge.

3- What Is a Maryland Bonded Bridge?

Also known as a resin-bonded bridge, a Maryland bonded bridge is usually the go-to when replacing front teeth.

4- What Is an Implant-Supported Bridge?

In an implant-supported bridge, dental implants are used instead of crowns or other frameworks. For every missing tooth, an implant is placed, and this supports the bridge. An implant-supported bridge is considered the strongest and most stable. It is executed through two surgeries:

  • The implants are embedded in the jawbone.
  • The bridge is placed.

A metal framework is used for them, and porcelain is fused to the metal teeth. Metal or porcelain wings are then utilized on both sides of the bridge to attach the pontic to the healthy teeth.

This is often employed as an alternative to the traditional fixed bridge because you do not need to reshape or add a crown to the healthy teeth on either side. Instead, metal wings are used.

How Much Does a Dental Bridge Cost?

The cost for a dental bridge varies based on the type of bridge you opt for and the cost of the dental crown. Depending on your dental plan, dental insurance would pay a percentage of it. To discuss your case further, you can contact your dentist in Bowie, MD, My Bowie Dentist.

Do Dental Bridges Last a Long Time?

It is important to take care of oral hygiene and get frequent checkups. If you do so, your dental bridges can easily last 10-15 years.

Eating With a Dental Bridge

A dental bridge should make chewing and, ultimately, eating much easier for you. It could take a while before you get accustomed to the bridge. Until then, you can consume liquids and soft foods.

Speaking With a Dental Bridge

It is often harder to speak and comprehend due to missing teeth. A dental bridge will make speaking much easier for you.

Do You Need Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are always a practical alternative to dental implants. Your dental treatment should be customized based on your requirements. Consult Dr. Abiodun Adesanya at My Bowie Dentist to discuss what type of bridge is suitable for you.