7 Tooth-Friendly Holiday Gifts

7 Tooth-Friendly Holiday Gifts

The holidays are just around the corner, and you’re probably already making a list of gifts to buy. Choosing gifts can be tricky, however, especially when you don’t know much about the person. If you’re having trouble, might we suggest some tooth-friendly holiday gifts? Below are seven lovely tooth-friendly holiday gifts we’re sure whoever receives will appreciate!

1.  Sugar-Free Sweets

Sweets will always be part of the holidays, but you can prevent all the damage sugar can cause by opting for sugar-free sweets. You can get sugar-free gums, chocolates, caramels, lollipops, candies, and more. They are great stocking stuffers. Tasty, but will make sure you still have healthy teeth.

2.  Floss Picks

Does anyone in your family hate flossing? In that case, we think floss picks are the perfect gift to stuff in their stockings. Floss picks are much easier to use than string floss, so there’s a good chance they will like it. These picks are also the perfect gift to encourage someone you know who just doesn’t like to floss.

3.  Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes are a gem of a gift. They’re much better at cleaning the teeth than manual brushing, so we’re confident whoever receives your gift will love it. For kids, you can choose the ones with cartoon characters or fun colors. These electric toothbrushes come in numerous designs, so you can find one that suits whoever you plan to give it to.

4.  Whitening Kit

Teeth whitening is a trendy dental cosmetic procedure in the US. Lots of people want to get their teeth whitened so that they can have a truly bright smile. With that said, a whitening kit could be the perfect gift to give someone you think would love to get this procedure. Thanks to your gift, they can still get the white teeth they want, only at home.

5.  Mouth Guard

This tooth-friendly gift is for someone who plays sports. What could be the perfect present for them? How about a mouthguard? It’s a thoughtful gift that can reduce the possibility of athletes sustaining sports-related dental injuries. With a mouth guard, your sporty-friend can enjoy their passion and hobby without worry,

6.  Toothbrush Sanitizer

Toothbrushes help clean all the nasty things still in your mouth and on your teeth. What about all the bacteria left on the toothbrush itself? A toothbrush sanitizer can help with that. Whoever receives your gift will appreciate that they can prevent bacteria and debris left on the toothbrush from traveling back into their mouth.

7.  Travel Toothpaste Container

For your friend who likes to travel, we suggest getting a small, travel-size toothpaste container.  This way, there is no need for them to lug around their big toothpaste when going on a trip. They can simply squeeze some toothpaste into the travel container, put it in a clear ziplock with some floss picks, and they’re good to go.


There’s no need to rack your brain for gifts this holiday season. Why not try any of the above tooth-friendly gifts on this list and see how your loved ones light up with a healthy smile on their faces? Besides gifts that promote good dental health, don’t forget to get regular dental checkups and let Dr. Adesanya keep your teeth looking great!

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