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Dental Implants: Your Questions Answered

Dental Implants: Your Questions Answered

Dr. Adesanya’s office cares about your dental health and want you to never think twice before flashing that beautiful smile. That’s why we have compiled the ultimate four reasons why you should invest in dental implants:

What are Dental Implants?

In a recent issue of Your Health Magazine, Dr. Adesanya answered the question of what are dental implants: “A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is surgically anchored into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge in place.”  Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth.

The implants are strategically placed and used to support permanently cemented bridges.  They are made from different types of metallic and bone-like ceramic materials, which are compatible with body tissue.

Who Can Receive Dental Implants?

In order to be a candidate for dental implants, you must be in good health and have the proper bone structure and healthy gums in order for the implant to remain in place.  Chronic issues such as clenching or bruxism (aka teeth grinding), or systemic diseases, such as diabetes, may prevent you from being a candidate for dental implants as the success rate would decrease dramatically.

If you’re considering dental implants, it’s important to be seen by your dentist who can help determine whether you are a candidate for dental implants and what, if any, alternative may also be available.

What Can I Expect During the Procedure?

In order to anchor the “artificial root” into or on your jawbone, Dr. Adesanya must perform surgery.  The procedure is conducted in his office with a local anesthetic.  The procedure may be conducted across two or more visits.  Here’s why.

The first part of the procedure requires Dr. Adesanya to conduct surgery in order to place the artificial root.  Before placing the ceramic tooth, the artificial root needs to effectively assimilate into the gumline and the jawbone needs to heal completely.  However, for those that have exceptional bone quality, it may be possible to place the artificial root and the replacement tooth in one appointment.

Four Reasons to Consider Dental Implants

Looking for a few reasons to justify implants over the alternatives? Here are four reasons to consider dental implants.

Dental implants Combat Bone Loss

A side-effect of tooth loss is bone loss. When you lose even a single tooth, the bone below starts to recede, causing an uneven facial structure.

Dental implants are the only tooth replacement procedure that allows you to retain your bone structure by preserving natural tooth tissue. Conventional bridgework requires reducing the tooth structure of the adjacent teeth but with dental fixtures, you can avoid that. Who knew the solution was that simple?

It Feel Completely Natural

In addition to appearing completely natural, implants allow you to eat your favorite food and converse with people as confidently as you normally would. Unlike dentures, you don’t have to worry about the implants clicking, shifting, or falling out during the day. In fact, you may even forget they’re even there!

They Require Minimal Maintenance

The best thing about dental implants are that they don’t require any complicated, time-consuming care method that will stress you out and interfere with your daily activities.

They don’t have to be removed during the day or soaked into a solution at night. You just have to floss and brush them like you would your natural teeth and visit the dentist for your routine check-up at least twice a year.

Dental Implants are Less Painful than Other Tooth Replacement Procedures

Dental procedures are typically painless and do not require constant replacement and repair. Hence, you can save on a lifetime of costly maintenance and long time-consuming procedures.

Many patients, in fact, report that implants involve less pain than a tooth extraction and that there is very little discomfort involved during the procedure.

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While we hope that we have put you at ease and convinced you to get a dental implant, we encourage patients to contact us in case of apprehensions or queries- we would be more than happy to cater to you.

Here at Dr. Adesanya’s, our dentists love getting to know their patients so feel free to get in touch with us, for dental fixtures or any other issue!

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Keeping your teeth healthy during valentine's day - Dr. Adesanya My Bowie Dentist

Keeping Your Teeth Healthy During Valentine’s Day


It is possible to keep your teeth healthy and have a healthy smile while also giving in a bit to your sweet tooth, especially during Valentine’s Day. While avoiding sweets altogether is the best option for your teeth, Dr. Adesanya, a family dentist in Bowie, Maryland, knows Valentine’s Day is a sweet day to indulge (pun intended). Here are some recommendations from Dr. Adesanya to keep your smile healthy this Valentine’s Day.

Choose Chocolate

Choose dark chocolate in particular. Dark chocolate contains less sugar than regular milk chocolate. Chocolate, in general though, dissolves faster than gummy and hard candies meaning the sugar has less time to form cavities in your mouth. That does not mean that you can’t get cavities from chocolate, it simply means that it is less likely to cause cavities than gummy and hard candies.

Skip the Gummies and Hard Candies

Hard candies and gummies can be a staple for any holiday and Valentine’s Day is no different. Conversation hearts come readily to mind here. Miniature packs of gummy bears and skittles to send with Valentine’s for your kid’s school party are also quite common. If possible, resist! These gummy and hard candies can stick to your teeth for an extended period of time and get caught between your teeth. And the longer they sit there, the higher the risk of a cavity. You may think hard candies are more harmless than gummies, especially if you’re one to crunch through the hard candy and not let it sit in your mouth for long. Crunching those hard candies can chip or crack your teeth in addition to irritating the soft tissue of your teeth. If you do indulge in gummies and hard candies, make sure you brush and floss after consuming this treat. For some other tips on keeping your teeth healthy check out our blog on Oral Hygiene Demystified.

Sugar-Free Alternatives

Though not as glamorous sounding, there are sugar-free alternatives to everything – sugar-free chocolates, gummies and hard candies galore!! When possible, Dr. Adesanya recommends switching to sugar-free goodies.

Non-Food Alternatives For Valentine’s Day

Chocolate and candy may be a Valentine’s Day staple, but so are flowers, balloons and teddy bears. Looking for some ideas for your kids to hand out in school? Why not consider alternatives to sugary treats such as bubbles (you can get a bulk pack of mini ones at the dollar store), pencils, rings or other small toys. Many stores carry these non-food alternatives to make your Valentine’s Day just as sweet without the sweets.

Brush and Floss For Healthy Teeth

No matter the treat, having a good oral hygiene routine is important. The American Dental Association and Dr. Adesanya agree that you should brush your teeth once in the morning and once in the evening before bed. Don’t forget to brush your tongue as well! In addition to brushing, you should floss your teeth at least once a day to keep those teeth shining bright like a diamond. To schedule an appointment with a hygienist, give our office a call at 301-464-1800.

Family Dentist in Bowie, Maryland

With patients that call Dr. Adesanya the best dentist in Bowie, Maryland, he takes pride in his work and in the level of care he provides to every single patient. With a focus on general and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Adesanya’s goal and mission is to provide you and your family with the highest quality dental care in a caring, safe and relaxed environment. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Adesanya, give us a call or click here.