Month: June 2021

dental insurance

Everything to Know About Dental Insurance

Getting dental insurance and having dental work done is vital to having healthy teeth. However, it is also something that we often overlook. Oral health is as important as your body’s health. Getting routine check-ups and frequent visits are something that every individual should add to their daily life.

The good thing is that there exists insurance that can help you with maintaining your dental hygiene. Dental insurance has been quite in demand for the past few years, as more people are growing aware of the importance of dental health and routine procedures vital to ensure strong teeth.

Dental Insurance

It’s okay if you’re hearing this term for the first time. That why we’re here – to take you through what it is. Dental insurance, like any other insurance, is a method of paying for your oral procedures. From root canals to crown fillings to tooth extraction – dental insurance may cover it all. All you have to do is go to an insurance firm that offers dental insurance and pay for a particular insurance package that best caters to you.

Dental insurance packages, however, vary greatly. Not every package will be the same, and each package will cover only a certain amount of monetary sum. There will be packages that will pay 25% of your procedure, some 50%, and some might pay all the way. However, that specific package may cost you a bit to purchase.

Types of Dental Insurance

Let’s explore some of the dental insurance types, shall we?

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

PPO has a list of dentists who are in partnership with them and visiting those particular dentists can save you quite a good sum of money. However, if a dentist is not on the PPO, you may have to pay more from your own pocket.

Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO)

Plans like DHMO also have a list containing a bunch of dentists who work with them for a specific fee. But to avail the benefits that come with DHMO, you’ll have to stick to one of the dentists from the list.

Discount Plan

This plan also has a few dentists signed with them. However, they only provide you with a certain discount and nothing more regarding patient care.

How Does Dental Insurance Work

When you visit a dentist, your dental insurance will be verified first to estimate the sum of money you will have to pay. After that, a payment request will be sent to the insurance company, more commonly called a “claim.” After the request has been processed, the insurance company will evaluate and process the claim, not before finally letting you know about your explanation of benefits or EoB. The exact money you’ll have to pay will heavily depend on the procedure you’re getting.

Some of the specifics of your plan will include the following:


The amount you pay to your insurance company before purchasing a package.


After purchasing your insurance package, you might be required to pay a certain percentage of the treatment.


This is the fixed cost that you are required to pay.

Annual Maximum

The amount your insurance company will pay in a year. The company won’t pay any more if you reach this limit.


Your request will have to be approved and authorized by the insurance company for you to start availing the benefits they provide.