A Tooth Friendly Guide to Halloween

A Tooth Friendly Guide to Halloween

Candy is one of the many different types of foods and drinks that may cause harm to the teeth – and Halloween is a holiday full of sweets. Yet, they get a much worse reputation than most other foods.

The reason behind this is that sugary foods that are left behind on teeth make way for certain bacteria to feed on it, causing the formation of cavities. This interaction between sweet and bacteria creates an acid which then leads to tooth decay.

However, that does not mean that your kids should not be enjoying Halloween – even if it is a little this year. With a few things in mind, it is possible to make this holiday tooth friendly and fun. Here’s some tips from Dr. Adesanya:

·        Avoid the Sticky Candies

As you already know, the real culprit is the sweet that gets left behind on your teeth; and sticky gooey candies are almost impossible to get off. They coat the teeth and get stuck in the grooves, making them the worst offender in the world of candies. So, try keeping these candies away from your kids.

·        Pack Halloween Candy With Lunch

It is likely that if a kid finds candy in their lunch, they will end up eating it before the food. Then, as they start chewing their meal, the excess saliva that is produced will help wash away the sugar. So, you will be protecting your kids’ teeth while also surprising them with candy.

·        Screen Their Trick-or-Treat Candy

Make a rule that any candy your kids receive through trick-or-treating will first be screened by you. But make sure to let your kids know that they will get some kind of reward for letting the candies be screened. Otherwise, chances are they’ll end up sneaking some candies out. When you screen the candies, you can throw out the ones that aren’t good for their oral health.

·        Maintain a Proper Brushing Habit

This habit should begin as early as when the child’s first tooth comes in. This will help them catch onto healthy oral habits early on and be beneficial in the long run. So, make sure to brush their teeth twice a day no matter what.

·        Fluoride Toothpaste

The reason fluoride is so commonly used in dental supplements is because it is a mineral that naturally occurs in the bones and teeth, making it an excellent ingredient for tooth-care. It can help rebuild tooth enamel, reverse the signs of tooth decay, and prevent the growth of harmful oral bacteria.

·        Regular Dental Checkups

You don’t need to have a cavity or a broken tooth to visit the dentist. Regular dental checkups can help maintain oral health. At the same time, any issues that may occur will be caught early on. Hence, making them easier to be solved. So, be sure to give Dr. Adesanya’s office a call to stay up to date with appointments.

Following these on a regular basis will help maintain good oral health for your kids, as well as a tooth friendly Halloween.


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